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If we compare investment portfolios to exercise for a minute, those who are experienced investors always recommend having diverse investment portfolios to get the best returns. Exercise is the same. Diversity matters!

One of the biggest mistakes people make with their exercise program is not including enough variety. Research shows that diversifying your workout routine offers greater payoffs than sticking to the same moves for years on end. That’s because exercise variety maximizes benefits and minimizes obstacles to working out, such as injuries, plateaus and boredom. Diversify your fitness portfolio now and your health will be less likely to disappear in the future. Exercise variety will help decrease your risk of heart disease, arthritis, disability and even some kinds of cancer. In fact, recent data suggest that regularly engaging in a range of physical activities decreases all-cause mortality rates.

Although your optimal balance of aerobic and strength training may vary slightly depending on your age, a good rule of thumb is to strive for equal amounts of the two each week, integrating flexibility exercises into every workout.

The Body Refinery is a traditionally Pilates-based studio but we now provide diversity to our clients which includes a gym for activities such as traditional strength and conditioning, Barre for a great cardio workout, TRX which is a suspension system to tone and strengthen using your own body weight, Yoga, mat-based Pilates and stretch classes.  All of these additions are the perfect complement to your regular Pilates routine.

If you have an existing Fitness or Studio class pack you can trial our other services in our mat room (TRX, Yoga, Barre, Stretch and Release and Mat Pilates) for $10 a class. Get Diversifying!