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How can Pilates and exercise help you?

Pilates and general exercise address every major symptom of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) through the use of exercises that facilitate correct movement behaviour. By allowing the patient to work in ways that minimise unwanted muscle activity, Pilates and specific exercises can also mitigate inefficient movement patterns and early fatigue.

Using the apparatus, springs and gravity are used to assist clients in successfully completing movements that he or she may not be able to do without assistance. The springs on Pilate equipment offer an opportunity to increase or decrease the difficulty of each exercise in a safe environment. Not many traditional types of exercise can offer this.

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Pilates provides a whole-body approach

Many MS patients experience a real disconnection from their bodies due to sensory loss or abnormalities, weakness, and spasticity.  Pilates emphasises breathing, alignment and connection with smooth flowing movements, which encourages a mindful interaction and awareness within the bodies.  For many Multiple Sclerosis patients, “foot drop” is a major issue that creates significant complications with gait (walking) and increases the risk of falling. However, this may not necessarily be an issue when a diagnosis is made.

During the initial rehabilitation process, Pilates provides a whole-body approach, through sensory input to, and strengthening of, the extremities for gait and balance. It also integrates core control and spinal mobility to maximise and prolong function. This process instils the client with a degree of body awareness that should enable them to recognise signs of weakness in their extremities, and prompt them to resume rehab training, either at home or in the studio.

At The Body Refinery, we are passionate about encouraging our clients to move to their optimum ability. Many of our physiotherapists have training in Pilates for neurological conditions. If you want to experience a different kind of rehabilitation, book today.

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