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Physiotherapy course strength and conditioning

Strength Training Essentials for Physiotherapists

When: 28 May, 11am-5pm & 29 May, 10.30-4pm (Strength training)
Where: The Body Refinery, 2/15 Lamington Street, New Farm
$740 (or $800 for both workshops with John Contreras on that weekend)

Gain the confidence and skill to strength train your patients.
This course will guide you through the clinical reasoning, design and implementation of a comprehensive strength training and athletic development program for a range of common musculoskeletal presentations.

By exploring current rehabilitation and injury management guidelines, evidence-based exercises, concepts of exercise prescription and program design you will examine the role strength training plays within today’s biopsychosocial model of healthcare. This course looks beyond the initial phases of injury management to examine the use of strength training for a range of common musculoskeletal presentations in facilitating return to activity.

More information on the course: HERE  / Contact if you have any question.

Strength Training with Pilates

When: 29 May, 8am-10am
Where: The Body Refinery, 2/15 Lamington Street, New Farm
$105 (or $800 for both workshops with John Contreras on that weekend)

Strength Training with Pilates is a face to face, two-hour workshop that provides Pilates instructors with a clear and concise framework to integrate strength training principles into the Pilates studio. With an emphasis on the role of Pilates in athletic development, this workshop explores how Pilates exercises can be appropriately prescribed and coached to develop muscle strength, hypertrophy and power.

Using a series of athletic case studies, Strength Training with Pilates will provide health professionals and Pilates Instructors with the tools to establish short and long term Pilates programs that develop athleticism.

More information on the course: HERE  / Contact if you have any questions.

Strength training with Pilates
Refined Back Specific Low Back Pain Workshop The Body Refinery

Pilates And Non-specific low-back pain

When: 6 months online access to lecture material, notes, videos and exercises
Price: $118

Back pain is probably the most common reason people attend Pilates these days. But what is back pain and does the cause affect your programming?

To best understand it, let’s go back and review your anatomy knowledge and look at the body as a movement system. This will remind you why Pilates is so fantastic for back pain and help you ‘sell’ your services to your prospective client.

Susan will take you through each phase of recovery with a framework that will help you to appreciate the pathological factors that underpin your goal-setting, objectives and exercise choices.

In addition to the lectures, slides and assessment material, you’ll be able to download several recorded exercises to best understand how to care for a client who is experiencing NSLBP.

Follow the link below for more info and the purchase page.

They came at The Body Refinery

Such a pleasure and previledge to have had so much knowledge, research and passion in the studio.⁠
Thank you, Lesley Logan, Benjamin Degenhardt, Elizabeth Larkam and Anula Maiberg, for coming to our Studio.
Thank you also to everyone that came to share the fun!