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Move with strength, power, vitality and ease

Pilates is an unparalleled, whole body-conditioning program. The Body Refinery offers a variety of different Fitness and Pilates classes to help build:

  • Flexibility
  • Muscle strength
  • Endurance throughout the whole body
  • Postural alignment
  • Core strength and stability
  • Healthy breathing patterns, and
  • Improved coordination

Our Fitness and Pilates classes are specifically tailored for each person, and are gentle enough for pregnant women, though challenging enough for elite athletes.
If you want to move with strength, flexibility, power, vitality and ease, join our Brisbane Pilates studio.

Our New Farm studio is comprehensively equipped with all the traditional and modern Pilates equipment from BALANCED BODY®, including: Reformers, Wunda Chairs, Trapeze Tables, and Barrels. The different equipment allows your class to be adapted to your needs and ability so that you’ll always be challenged.

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Mat Pilates Studio New Farm
Pilates studio new farm

Full body conditioning in a fun, vibrant environment

Along with our individualised programs, we also offer diverse fitness class options. All classes are designed by qualified Pilates and Fitness Instructors to ensure precise body movements for safe, effective, and fun practice. With full body conditioning in a fun, vibrant environment, our class options meet everybody’s needs.

Class options include:

When working in our fully-equipped Pilates and Fitness studio in New Farm, Brisbane, you will have the benefit of working in small, highly-supervised classes. Our Pilates and Fitness instructors, ensure you work effectively and safely, to obtain the most out of every session.

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