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What is NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme NDIS was introduced by the federal government in 2013 in a few selected trial states and age groups before being rolled out nationwide in 2016. The NDIS has changed the way disability services are funded and delivered in Australia.

Through the NDIS, people with disabilities can be provided with direct access to funding for health services, treatments and exercise, based on their individual needs. For people with disabilities, the NDIS provides access to information and connections to services in their communities such as doctors, allied health professionals, sporting clubs and support groups.

If you have a disability, you may be eligible to receive funding through the NDIS to access support services. The NDIS funding application will include an assessment of your eligibility. To check if you’re eligible, visit the NDIS website.

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NDIS at The Body Refinery

The Body Refinery can provide Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology services for the following types of NDIS plans:


Under this type of plan, participants manage their own NDIS plan.

  • Participants manage their own plan.
  • NDIS funding will be provided directly to the patient (or someone they trust).
  • Participants can engage in support from providers like The Body Refinery.
  • Under this type of plan, participants pay the NDIS Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology providers directly for services.
  • These participants choose the service provider they want and arrange their own appointments.
  • Participants enter into a written service agreement with the service provider.


These NDIS plans are managed by authorised individuals who are registered with the NDIS to help people with disabilities to manage funding through their NDIS plan. This option gives participants the flexibility of choosing their service providers, but have someone else manage the payment for the service with their chosen practitioner, regardless of whether the practitioner is registered with the NDIS.

Having a plan manager assists the participant with:

  • Choosing and organising their own NDIS Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology providers.
  • Delegating the financial management of their NDIS plan to their plan manager.

There is specific NDIS funding for obtaining a plan manager so it is not a service the individual has to cover but rather takes the stress away from managing the funding themselves.

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The Body Refinery is NOT an NDIS-registered Physiotherapy provider, so we are unable to provide service to participants who have the NDIS managing their plan.  We can only provide service to those who are self-managed or thoses that have NDIS registered plan managers

If you have any queries or would like further information, please call us at 3358 3915. 

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