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Traumatic Brain Injury, what does that mean for your body?

A traumatic brain injury brings about a plethora of unexpected issues and situations relating to balance, behaviour and function. Brain injuries affect each person differently and require specialised care and understanding.

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How can Pilates and exercise help you?

Recovery from a traumatic brain injury is a long and arduous process, involving months of rehabilitation and adjustment to a new way of life. Maintaining physical fitness often falls to the wayside for many people with a TBI, due to restricted mobility or concerns about increased injury risk with high-impact forms of exercise. While high-intensity fitness goals may not be suitable for people with a TBI, private Pilates sessions can significantly improve health and wellness by increasing flexibility and strengthening the core and spinal muscles.

At The Body Refinery, we are passionate about encouraging our clients to move to their optimum ability. Many of our physiotherapists have training in Pilates for neurological conditions. If you want to experience a different kind of rehabilitation, book today.

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