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The Body Refinery - Cancellation Policy

We are a family-owned business that provides our Clients with the highest quality Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Remedial Massage, Myotherapy and Pilates. We aim for our Clients to be passionate about improving their health, and to be given the best chance of doing this at times that suit them.

Late cancellations of booked appointments and classes make it difficult to achieve this goal.

Adherence to our Cancellation Policy provides our Team with the best chance of meeting the requirements of all Clients of the Studio.

Our Cancellation Policy is in place to ensure our business remains viable and able to continue employing an amazing team that delivers the best service and outcomes for our clients.

A Late Cancellation means any cancellation that occurs outside the notification window (Notice Required) for a booking, including not showing up for a booking (no-show), as outlined in the tables below.

When a Client makes a booking, we reserve for them:

  • a space in our studio; and
  • a practitioner’s or instructor’s time.

Many bookings are made weeks in advance, and when a booking is cancelled with short notice, there is a high likelihood the vacated booking will remain vacant, during which time our business doesn’t receive the whole booked revenue, but still incurs the associated expenses (predominantly wages). When a client doesn’t arrive for an appointment (no-show), we have no opportunity to fill the vacated booking. The intention of Late Cancellation Fees is to minimise our losses, to help our business remain viable; they are not a revenue-generating exercise.

If a Client needs to cancel a booked appointment or class, they must provide the required amount of notice to avoid being charged a Late Cancellation Fee, as outlined in the following tables.

Standard types of bookings:


Notice Required

Late Cancellation Fee

Appointment / Private / Duet

At least 24 hours

50% of price


At least 12 hours

100% of price

Other appointment and class types:


Notice Required

Late Cancellation Fee

Appointment (DVA Client)

At least 24 hours

$25 fee

Class (Member^)

At least 12 hours

$20 fee

Infrared Sauna

At least 12 hours

50% of price

^also includes Unlimited Pricing options such as Challenges and Offers that include access to classes for a defined period of time for a fixed price.


Our Cancellation Policy is enforced regardless of the reason for a late cancellation.  The impact that late cancellations have on our business is the same whether it is due to illness, disorganisation, traffic, altered plans, or other reasons.

Notice of cancellation can be provided at any time via:

Cancellations via SMS or social media will not be accepted.

Late cancellations for appointments aren’t ideal for any party involved: the Client pays for 50% of a service they didn’t receive; and the Business incurs a 50% reduction in revenue for the appointment time and room/space that was reserved for the late-cancelling client.

It is the responsibility of each client to arrive for any booked appointment, so clients are encouraged to take necessary measures to reduce the likeliness of a late cancellation occurring.

Clients receive a number of confirmations and reminders regarding their appointments and classes to ensure they experience the full benefit of their appointment or class and are aware of our Cancellation Policy.

We do this through:

New Client Forms: Reference to our Cancellation Policy is included in New Client Forms that are completed by Clients on their first visit to the Studio.

Signage: Signs relating to our Cancellation Policy are displayed in the Studio.

Online Bookings: Reference to our Cancellation Policy is included on the online booking page.

Automatic Appointment Confirmations: Text messages and/or emails are sent to clients shortly after the appointment or session has been booked. The email includes details of our Cancellation Policy.  Clients are encouraged to keep email and text message notifications turned on in the Contact section of their account details.

Automatic Appointment Reminders: Clients receive reminders of appointments 2 days before their appointment via email and/or text message. Reminders include a reference to our Cancellation Policy. Clients are encouraged to keep email and text message notifications turned on in the Contact section of their account details.

When Clients receive reminders via text message, they may confirm their appointment by replying “C”.  When clients receive reminders via email, they may confirm their appointment by clicking on the “Confirm Appointment” link within the email. However, please note that:

  • not replying to an email or text message does not mean that the appointment has been cancelled.
  • replying “No” or similar will not cancel an appointment, as the text message reply system only recognises “C” (for confirm) as a response.
  • to cancel an appointment, a client must either: cancel online via the MindBody app; call us and cancel over the phone; cancel via email; or visit the studio and cancel in person.

Appointment Reminder Calls: where possible, when a client hasn’t confirmed an appointment via text message or email, our friendly front desk team will attempt to call Clients the day/night before an appointment to confirm attendance**


Late Cancellation Fees that aren’t paid at the time of notification, either via phone or in person at the studio, will be placed on the client’s account and must be paid before further appointments can be booked.

If a Client regularly “late cancels” or does not arrive for appointments, they will be advised that for future bookings to be made, a credit card will need to be retained on file and that the full appointment price will be charged for future late cancellations or no-shows, noting that Health Fund benefits are not available for services that were not provided due to no-shows or late cancellations.

If a Client feels the application of a Late Cancellation Fee is unjust for any reason, they may speak to ourPractice Manager.  We ask that Clients treat all our team members with respect and courtesy. The use of abusive/aggressive language when talking to our team will not be tolerated.

Department of Veterans’ Affairs clients will pay a flat fee of $25 for late cancellations, which is not claimable through the DVA.

NDIS clients will be charged late cancellation fees in accordance with the National Disability Insurance Scheme.



If you are unwell and suspect you may have a communicable illness, out of respect for other clients (some of whom are vulnerable or immunosuppressed) and our team members, we ask that you please don’t attend the studio.


*Please refer to the Automatic Appointment Reminders section of this policy.
**Depending on when our team is available to make confirmation phone calls, these calls are likely to be less than 24 hours before bookings.  Cancellations made during these calls are still late cancellations if they are made less than 24 hours before an appointment.  The purpose of these calls is to ensure attendance, not to prompt a cancellation.


See The Body Refinery’s full Terms and Conditions – HERE