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Do you wish you could run pain-free?

The Refined Runner Program

This is a unique running technique training program developed to help people get back to running pain-free and achieve their running goals. Running is one of the most natural forms of movement for humans, however, many runners struggle with injuries that inhibit their ability to perform.

The physiotherapists at The Body Refinery work with the latest scientific knowledge and technology. Surrounded by a community of runners and movement professionals, they continually deepen their knowledge and understanding of running biomechanics.

The Refined Runner Program involves a video analysis of your running technique and an exercise-based rehabilitation program to improve your running technique, cadence and tempo. You will learn about the running fundamentals in order to improve your technique, which will make you run more efficiently and biomechanically safer.

The Refined Runner Fitness Class

Specially created for runners, this 45-minute class is focusing on mobility, motor control/technique and cadence/tempo. A full-body session with particular attention paid to the foot, ankle, hip, knee and trunk stability. ⁠

Maximum of 8 people per session. No initial consultation is needed before starting this class. However, it is a fitness-based class, so you shouldn’t have any current injuries or be more than 12 weeks pregnant.⁠
Start running pain-free and improve your running performance with physiotherapist Kristen! ⁠Book now.

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What you need to know

The Refined Runner Program Package includes:

  • 1-hour initial physiotherapy consultation.
  • Personalised ‘take home’ online program.
  • 45-minute follow up appointment.

These private consultations are taken by an experienced physiotherapist at our New Farm (Brisbane) studio, and are claimable on private health. (Please contact your fund for details).

Book your Refined Runner Program appointment today and join the revolution of pain-free runners!

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