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Exercise Physiology is a growing profession within the health field and depending on your NDIS plan and goals, it can have an important role in assisting in your NDIS journey. Exercise Physiology treatment is individualised and targeted and often consists of an exercise program that is often combined with advice around lifestyle change. Their contribution to a person’s overall health, wellbeing and independence is often overlooked and this is combined with a lack of knowledge around the role of Exercise Physiology within the general public. Due to this, it is important to highlight the role of Exercise Physiology as well as its importance within the NDIS framework.

How Exercise Physiology Can Help

>Exercise Physiologists are specialised in designing and delivering individualised, targeted and safe exercise-based treatment for a range of health conditions, whether they be acute, subacute or chronic. This can range across many things such as injury rehabilitation, the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions or the management of ongoing or long term health conditions.

Some of the reasons you might want to see an Exercise Physiologist under NDIS include:

  • Your condition or disability affects your health or wellbeing
  • Your plan has goals that relate to improving or maintaining your fitness, mobility, strength or physical independence
  • You would benefit from supervised, individualised or targeted exercise-based treatment
  • You want to participate in community-based sports or activities

This can take the form of home-based exercise programs, in-clinic exercise programs (both individual and group) or even independent gym-based programs. Your Exercise Physiologist will guide you to the most suitable options. Each session is tailored to your specific needs and circumstances to ensure the best outcome.

It’s important to note that Exercise Physiologists are also trained to take a holistic approach to treatment and will often look beyond your initial goal to also assess and provide treatment or advice on other relevant factors, such as your ability to complete day to day tasks, secondary health concerns, or even your mental wellbeing.

Categories Under Which You Can Access Funding

Exercise Physiology can be accessed under the Improved Health and Wellbeing category and as of 2019 also the Improved Daily Living Skills category under your Capacity Building Supports Budget. At The Body Refinery, these supports can be accessed by clients who are either self-managed or plan-managed.

What We Can Offer At The Body Refinery

Here at The Body Refinery not only do we offer Exercise Physiology but also Physiotherapy in both individual and group settings, as well as Massage Therapy. Our clinic is also well equipped with private consultation rooms, a fully equipped clinical gym and a clinical exercise studio. This combination of high-quality services and high-quality facilities allow us to make a positive impact on many people under NDIS at The Body Refinery already. So during your next plan review make sure to discuss the relevance of Exercise Physiology in the treatment of your disability under the NDIS.

More information on our NDIS page: here.

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