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What is Exercise Physiology?

The aim of exercise physiology is to prevent or manage acute, subacute or chronic disease or injury, and assist in restoring optimal physical function, health or wellness.

Our exercise physiologists complete a 4-year bachelor degree and are accredited with Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA).

Exercise physiologists have an in-depth knowledge of the human body and the benefits that exercise can provide, both mentally and physically.

The Body Refinery Exercise Physiologists can prescribe a range of exercises for either fitness or rehabilitation, which may include:

  • Gym-based exercises using weights and cable machines.
  • Pilates exercises using bands, pilates balls, and bolsters.
  • Cardiovascular exercise with the use of stationary equipment such as rowers and treadmills.

The Body Refinery also offers General & Pre and Postnatal Strength and Conditioning Classes. More info HERE

exercise physiology gym new farm
exercise physiology gym new farm

What to expect during your first Exercise Physiology session?

Our Exercise Physiologists treat one patient at a time, so you can be sure that their attention will be focused on you for the duration of your appointment.

Your initial session will be 45 minutes long. This will allow your Exercise Physiologist to take a detailed history of your condition or fitness objectives and goals, assess your movement, undertake any necessary testing, and make a plan of action to move forward. You will also have time to ask questions. Exercise physiology is claimable on private health (check with your health fund).

Along with private sessions, we offer duet sessions, as well as small group Strength and Conditioning classes. Ask our friendly admin team for more details on this service.

We are a multidisciplinary practice, where your Exercise Physiologist is able to collaborate with your Physiotherapist, Myotherapist, Pilates instructor or Massage Therapist to ensure a faster, more effective treatment, recovery or achievement of your fitness goals.

When should I see an Exercise Physiologist?

Our Exercise Physiologists analyse patients’ fitness levels and goals to help them improve their health or maintain good health.

In addition to general fitness and strength work, our experienced Exercise Physiologists can provide rehabilitation programs for people of all ages and fitness levels, with a variety of injuries and health conditions, such as:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Pulmonary disease
  • Metabolic disease
  • Neurological disease
  • Musculoskeletal conditions (including arthritis, osteoporosis/osteopenia, acute and/or chronic musculoskeletal issues)
  • Depression and other mental health conditions
  • Cancer

Our accredited exercise physiologists may also assist with sports and strength conditioning such as:

  • Assessment of functional capacity
  • Advice on lifestyle modification to improve health
  • Exercise programs focusing on strength and function improvement for amateur and professional athletes wanting to boost their performance

Our Exercise Physiologists help you meet your fitness goals in a safe environment through 1:1 sessions or specially designed classes. Book your session or class today through our App or by contacting us at 3358 3915⁠.⁠

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exercise physiology gym new farm
Exercise Physiology exercises and sports conditioning New Farm