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parkinson's disease rehab Neurological conditions
parkinson's disease rehab Neurological conditions
parkinson's disease rehab

Our Parkinson's Disease Program

Pilates is an ideal exercise form for those with Parkinson’s disease, as it addresses all the major physical symptoms of the disease but also aids in the emotional and cognitive symptoms.

Being diagnosed with a progressive condition is difficult. Patients report a feeling of shock, sadness, and loss of control. Pilates provides a unique environment that focuses on the mind-body connection, body awareness, and coordination, which allows the patient to regain a degree of control.

While the Pilates principles focus on breath, concentration, centre, control, precision and flow, one of the greatest features of Pilates for Parkinson’s is the dual-tasking that is required in many exercises, which promotes plasticity within the brain, effectively helping the brain to rewire, so that it’s better able to perform tasks.

If Pilates interests you as a form of rehabilitation for Parkinson’s disease, call or email our friendly admin team today.

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What is PD Warrior?

PD Warrior is a revolutionary exercise program designed to slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease. PD Warrior offers people hope that there is life after diagnosis and helps to answer the six most common questions when you have been newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. PD Warrior is more than just an exercise program, it is a philosophy that teaches you how to regain control and how to get back into life.

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How is PD Warrior different?

PD Warrior is not the same as working out in a gym, going for a walk or going for a swim. Although these are all excellent examples of good exercise behaviours for general fitness and health, they are not specific for the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. What you miss out on by just doing these exercises alone is the opportunity to drive the brain’s natural ability to re-wire itself and protect itself. PD Warrior incorporates the most current evidence into its program to ensure that you are undertaking the best program possible to slow the development of your symptoms.

All our sessions are taken by qualified Therapists at our New Farm, Brisbane, studio. An initial consultation (60 minutes) is required for new clients in order to discuss your rehabilitation and design the best program to suit your requirements.

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