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Take your fitness and wellbeing to a whole new level

Our Reformer Pilates classes are taken by Diploma qualified Pilates instructors and focus on all the major areas of the body, while still ensuring technique and form are monitored. In running these classes, we don’t compromise our reputation for technique and respect for the method.

Daily Reformer Pilates: 45 min

  • Full Body Workout
  • Intensity: Moderate
  • Level suitability: Beginner to Advanced

A  45-minute class fun-filled workout based entirely on the Pilates Reformer. If you are new to The Body Refinery this is our signature class.  It is a class that is designed so that you could do it every day and ideally team it with one of our other classes. Your teacher will give you levels starting with the easiest option and working through to the harder options where appropriate.

Full body, feel-good movement at your own pace. These classes go into a bit of everything, strengthening, stretching, and balancing.

Strength Reformer: 45 min

  • Full Body 
  • Intensity: High
  • Level Suitability: Intermediate to advanced

Zero chills, a high-intensity athletic class using a reformer, small props, hand weights, and body weight. Designed for those who want to work hard, be challenged, and get sweaty. Expect repetition, tempo, and a good burn – leave feeling supercharged! Designed for experienced / advanced level clients who have participated in 10+ Daily Reformer classes and understand pilates fundamentals and movement principles.

Daily Stretch and Release: 45 min

  • Full body workout 
  • Intensity: Low
  • Level suitability: Beginner to Advanced

Slow down, chill out, full-body mobility and breathing focused class designed to improve flexibility and mindfulness. A combination of different techniques and props to get you moving in every way possible. Leaving you feeling relaxed and supple and more resilient. Suitable for all levels of experience. Should definitely add this one at least once to your weekly schedule.

What you need to know

We keep the classes small and intimate with a maximum of 9 people, to ensure everyone receives the individual attention required to see results quickly.

These classes, as well as our Mat Pilates classes, run for 45 minutes and do not require an initial assessment. Beginners through to experienced clients are more than welcome to join in, as long as there are no current injuries.
If you are rehabilitating an injury, never fear – our Clinical Rehab or Studio classes might be right for you!

Join our Reformer Pilates Classes with our Introductory offer of 5 classes for $50 – This offer is only valid for new clients to our New Farm studio, Brisbane, and is designed for attendance twice a week.

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