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The lockdown has been difficult for everybody, but mums were especially challenged with juggling the responsibilities of motherhood and full-time work. Most of the household and childcare-related tasks associated with the shift caused by COVID-19 have fallen on women, as some surveys have shown ( As a result, work-life balance is more difficult to achieve. Fortunately, there are still some effective ways to support wellness for working mums. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities at work, as a mother, and around the home, then here are three ways to promote wellness during this time:

Take the Time to Be Alone

With so much to do, taking a break might feel like a waste of precious time. However, working mums must remember that not taking the time to rest will eventually lead to a crash, one that is more difficult to recover from than a few minutes of alone time. Even if it’s just for five to 15 minutes at a time, try to find your own space to take a nap, browse through the internet, or simply let your mind wander ( Whether you’re planning your children’s online learning modules or coming up with dinner ideas, it might do you more good to be alone first before getting back into the swing of things.


Mind Your Posture

Physical wellness goes beyond regular exercise. As most people work long hours at desks these days (mothers included), there is a greater risk of sitting with bad posture, which can lead to back and neck pain. (See our previous blog about: How should I set up my desk?) This can easily be avoided by being more mindful of the way you sit and move around. Investing in ergonomic items for your workspace is another good option, and you may want to start with something like a standing desk or an ergonomic chair. When choosing an ergonomic chair, there are a few key components you should look for. These include seat height range, backrest adjustment, and armrest adjustment ( Monitor mounts are also great additions to your workspace to keep your head level with your screen, thereby reducing neck strain and pain that often develops with desk work.

Exercise Once a Day

Getting enough exercise is important, even for busy mothers. The physical demands of full-time work, picking up after children, and keeping house can take its toll, so mums need to be in good physical health to keep up. Aside from that, exercise has proven to be beneficial for mental health ( It can improve one’s mood, stimulate brain activity that contributes to problem-solving and learning, and reduce the risk of other illnesses. Mums who are short on time can do moderate to high-intensity exercises for 10 to 15 minutes daily to get a boost of energy and keep fit to meet the challenges of their roles.


All mothers should receive the proper care and attention to promote wellness as they continue their roles as professionals and caregivers. New mums should especially take care before going back into physically strenuous activities by taking a woman’s health initial assessment ( By taking care of one’s physical and mental wellness in these ways, women can continue to be excellent at what they do while keeping their health in check.

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