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Gentlemen, there’s a reason why your girlfriend loves Pilates to much – it works!

But when we talk to men in their physiotherapy sessions, recommending they do some classes to help, they often come back with, ‘Isn’t Pilates for women?’
Well, no! And luckily, because it’s an incredible form of exercise to add to your workout schedule (or physio rehabilitation).


In fact, the inventor of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, was:

– A guy
– A beer-drinking, cigar-smoking boxer
– A handyman who turned hospital beds into exercise equipment (the reformer we’ve come to know and love/hate)

If you need more reasons, how about these?

Men pilates

You’re neglecting muscles

Anyone who thinks Pilates isn’t a ‘real’ workout hasn’t done Pilates! In either a mat or reformer class, the body must maintain correct posture while building strength, which puts all of those hidden, intrinsic muscles to work too. It’s also true what they say about abs – Pilates’ targeted repertoire for working the abdominals is basically unmatched by any other workout. There’s no better way to work the core on a deep level.


You need core strength

Speaking of your core, if you lift weights, you’ll benefit from strengthening your core. And if you run, swim or play ball, you’ll also benefit from a strong core. Basically, your core strength will make every other exercise easier and more focused. It’s not just about the six-pack – it’s about having the strength you need to support your other movements.


It prevents and repairs injuries

By increasing your flexibility, improving your core strength and releasing tension, Pilates is the perfect exercise to prevent injuries you might sustain from your other workouts. By focusing on your muscles in ways you might otherwise never do, you’ll be more aware of the way your body works.
Pilates is also wonderful for rehabilitation and is often prescribed by physios. The results can often be astounding, with many people coming back better than before.

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So now that we’ve convinced you, why not book into one of our beginner classes? We offer an amazing introductory deal of 6 classes for $60 – so what have you got to lose?! Contact us today.

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