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As we approach the mid-point of 2017 (!?), you might be thinking about your goals for the year and how they are progressing.

Obviously, we’re biased but we truly believe that Pilates is the ultimate platform to create change in your life. When you feel strong and energetic, not sore and lethargic, you feel motivated to make changes in other areas – perhaps a new job or finally taking those three months off to live in France.


This is why we think Pilates is such a wonderful place to start:



We recently looked at the way Pilates is the ultimate exercise in mindfulness. That’s because an hour of Pilates connects your mind and your body, leaving nothing left over for distraction. It’s perfect for those days when you just feel all over the place. Read more about that here.



No one should go through life without being made to think – at least once – about their breathing. Awareness of your breath disconnects your stress response from things like over-eating or bad posture. It also enhances your overall energy by moving breath throughout your body. In fact, breathing is the driving process of metabolism.

It’s no coincidence that Pilates is based on breath control – breath out to extend, breath in to return. Sound familiar?



After a class, there’s no doubt you’ve done some strength training! You’ll feel it in all those little muscles you didn’t know about. Pilates focuses on core control while training the body as an integrated system. This is why it’s so incredible – all those intrinsic muscles buried deep still get a workout that an hour on the treadmill doesn’t even come close to.



The sequences of stretching, flowing movements in Pilates mobilise your spine and lengthen your muscles, which in turn increases your flexibility and posture. Good flexibility will increase your range of motion and reduce your risk of injury.


Improves other exercises

Pilates teaches you how to move better, which makes it a great cross-training exercise. It will help you do your weight-training with better alignment and a greater range of motion. It will help runners recover better. It will help swimmers with their general strength. Just remember to schedule your classes on alternate days to your other workouts to give your muscles a chance to recover and repair.


_ _ _

In other words, Pilates really is the ultimate exercise! Whether you’re cross-training or looking for a low-impact way to get into exercise, there’s nothing like a class to start or end your day. Now go out there and kick those 2017 goals!

For a strong body and a sharp mind, book into one of our many classes at The Body Refinery today.


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