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Starting out on your Pilates journey you may have begun to realise that Pilates is more than just exercise, it is a movement therapy that encompasses the mind-body connection. Achieving a great workout in Pilates may mean mastering the psychological components and the flow of energy as well as understanding the kinesiology.

If your Pilates journey thus far has only entailed group style classes on the mat or reformer you may not know that there is a range of other Pilates equipment out there ready to take your Pilates to the next level and provide a deeper understanding of your own body.


1. Mat

While not technically considered to be equipment, the Mat work is the foundation of the Pilates method. Without an intricate familiarity of the mat work, you will lack a fundamental component in your practice. One of the advantages it is that it can be practised almost anywhere with no apparatus other than a Mat. Mat exercises are ideal:

  • as a warm-up for a Pilates class or other activities;
  • as part of a daily routine;
  • for general body awareness and neuromuscular re-education; or
  • as a pre- or post-natal program.


Pilates Equipment

2. Reformer

The Reformer is undoubtedly the most recognisable and popular piece of Pilates equipment. The scope of the Reformer is infinite and the movements performed on it range from the fundamental to the extremely advanced. Certain stretching exercises that can be performed on the Reformer for the hip flexor, hamstring and adductor muscles cannot be duplicated as effectively on the other pieces of equipment.


Pilates Equipment

3. Cadillac (Trapeze Table or Trap Table)

The Cadillac (clearly inspired by a hospital bed) is unique and versatile. It differs from the Reformer in that the bed does not slide. However, like the reformer is offering Pilates exercises from the gentle and assistive to the advance acrobatics of the advanced Pilates repertoire. Using the Cadillac will help you improve your balance, coordination and strength.


Pilates Equipment

4. Chair (Wunda Chair)

Originally designed as exercise equipment for the home lounge room this versatile box will offer you a large range of possibilities in your Pilates session. The chair highlights imbalances and weaknesses like no other piece of equipment. It will also help you enhance athletic performance. Do not hesitate to add pads or a small box to increase the difficulty of certain exercises.


5. Barrel (Ladder Barrel)

The Barrel, thanks to its unique design, is perfect for back extension exercises at all ability levels. Rather than springs, the Barrel utilises gravity for resistance and assistance. Ankle or hand weights can be added to increase the difficulty of the workout isn’t challenging enough!

Pilates Equipment

6. Spine Corrector (Step barrel)

The Spine Corrector is the perfect piece for lengthening, mobilising, aligning and strengthening the torso, shoulders and back while supporting the spine natural curves. Exercising with the aid of this equipment will help to correct and encourage the spine to become more flexible and are ideal to improve posture.


7. Ped – o –pull

The Ped-o-pull consists of a base platform and an upright pole that has two springs with handles. Like all the Pilates equipment designed by Joseph Pilates it is simple but its ability to challenge the body and create efficient and balanced movement is genius! The repertoire on the Ped-o-pull ranges from beginners to advanced

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Pilates is for anyone who wants to look and feel better and who wishes to function at an optimal level, pain-free. It is for people who seek balance in life, and who want to change their life for the better. Pilates, in other words, is for anyone and everyone!

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