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In terms of exercise regimes, Pilates and CrossFit are very different. However, adding Pilates to your workout schedule will improve your CrossFit performance! There are many ways in which Pilates can help your CrossFit.


Here are our top 5 reasons to include a Pilates session in your weekly exercise routine.

  1. Flexibility

As you build muscle you tend to lose flexibility because building muscle tends to shorten the muscle length (particularly if you aren’t doing your mobility exercises). Pilates, especially if done with equipment, can help to place your body into positions that it may not be able to otherwise achieve. This allows you to stretch dynamically. Stretching and creating flexibility dynamically will improve your CrossFit performance.


  1. Body Awareness

A good Pilates class should move your spine in all directions (flexion, extension, lateral flexion and rotation). Moving your spine in all directions improves proprioception (awareness of your body’s position). Improving proprioception will help you perform exercises better and improve your awareness of which muscles you are working during each exercise. Improved body awareness will help you perform CrossFit exercises better, more effectively, and minimise the chance of injury.


  1. Technique

Pilates has a strong focus on technique and alignment of the body, while training the body to move efficiently. Learning where your knee should be positioned as you bend it, or how to flex your hips without moving the spine will help prevent injury. Repetition of these concepts results in motor learning, and these benefits carry over to other activities – for example, Pilates will really improve the maximum weight you can safely squat!

Pilates improve crossfit

  1. Mind-body connection

This is probably the number one reason that everyone should do Pilates! Pilates teaches awareness to feel when muscles are working correctly, firing in the right sequence and with the correct alignment. Anyone can do Pilates, but there is a difference between just doing an exercise and understanding which muscles are working during an exercise, and why. Pilates is Intelligent Movement, which is perfect for cross-fitters who want to build deep stabilising muscles and ensure their muscles fire in the correct order so that they are constantly improving and achieving great results with minimal injury.


  1. Strong core

“Core” is a word that is used throughout the fitness and rehabilitation industry. However, it is amazing how few people actually know what it is and how to train it. You can do sit-ups until some farmer’s cows come home, but it won’t train your core very well. It will give you a nice 6 pack, but this is different to your core! The core comprises the transverse abdominus, the mutifiduls, the pelvic floor and the diaphragm. Pilates focuses on strengthening the “core” during every exercise! Having a strong core helps prevent injury, particularly back pain, because the core muscles support the back.

All CrossFit exercises are performed better when you have a strong core, so Pilates will ensure you are constantly improving and feeling better for it.

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