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Nurses are vital to our healthcare industry. However, multiple risk factors including patient handling, shift work, constant sleep deprivation and demanding work conditions, makes it one of the most hazardous work professions for maintaining physical and mental health.

Occupational hazards cause back pain and injury to nurses

Nursing is a physically demanding profession, with most nurses spending a large proportion of their working lives physically assisting patients:  reaching over patients to administer medication and dress wounds; rolling patients; bending to wash, shower and dry patients; kneeling to help with shoes.  So it’s not surprising that acute back pain is a prevalent occupational health problem in the nursing profession.

Clinical Pilates with a Physiotherapist is a popular way to prevent this back pain becoming a chronic problem for nurses, and even to prevent it occurring in the first place.


Benefits of Clinical Pilates for nurses

The Body Refinery, in the Brisbane suburb of New Farm, can help relieve existing back pain and prevent it from reoccurring, through the use of Clinical Pilates sessions that are taken by a Physiotherapist. Clinical Pilates can help you achieve the following:

1. Correct activation of your transverse abdominis

  • The transverse abdominis is a deep core muscle that works with surrounding abdominal muscles to support your spine and pelvis.
  • Learning the correct activation of this muscle will help prevent back pain, and help you learn how to activate it while at work (or undertaking other daily tasks) so you don’t get back pain whilst caring for patients.

2. Increased flexibility

  • Range-of-motion exercises will enhance joint and muscle movement, which will increase your flexibility and help you move better and perform daily activities with greater ease and less pain.

3. Improved posture

  • Clinical Pilates exercises can help you maintain correct posture at home and at work, which will decrease back pain and prevent pain from reoccurring.

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4. Better breathing techniques

  • You will learn to breathe deeply, expand your lungs and strengthen your diaphragm, which can help make long shifts, or periods of prolonged physical activity, more comfortable through the use of correct breathing techniques.

5. Improve muscle tone


Clinical Pilates with a Physiotherapist at Brisbane’s The Body Refinery studio will help you become pain-free and achieve your physical goals, so you can continue to work and thrive in your nursing profession (or any physically-demanding job) without back pain.

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