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Every form of exercise comes with a list of dos and don’ts. Sure, you can just jump on the treadmill and make it up as you go along, or you can follow some guidelines that will ultimately make you a better runner.

We don’t want to sound bossy, but we know from experience that the following list will optimise your workout and help you feel strong, focused and healthy.


Here is some Pilates advice:

1. Don’t Rush

It’s actually harder to do something slower than it is to do it quick.
If you’re doing a bridge and you’re doing it very slowly, you’re going to have to really control it over a period of time. If you do it quickly then it’s probably just your legs doing the work.
Work slowly and precisely.

2. Don’t Forget to Breathe

The main Pilates breath is called ‘lateral thoracic’, and it involves breathing into your ribs and into your side. This type of breathing prevents you from bracing up. You’ll learn a lot about breath in Pilates, but the long and the short of it is: you mustn’t hold your breath! Breathing helps you to use your core correctly.

3. Don’t Be Competitive

Pilates is about being the best version of yourself. You’ll find people of all different fitness levels in our group classes, so we encourage you to come in and focus on your own body. There will be exercises you find more challenging than other members of the group, and there are exercises you will feel more confident with. Give yourself the opportunity to improve your Pilates practice by thinking just of your own movement.

4. Don’t Take Over!

In saying that, a class is a shared experience! Don’t expect the instructor to hover near your mat the whole time to watch your form – they have to do this for everyone. Of course, feel free to ask questions if you’re not sure about something, but be mindful that you’re not the only one in the room.

5. Don’t Wear the Wrong Clothes

The activewear industry is a whole lot of fun, with leggings and jumpers you can wear from the mat to the café. However, look out for pieces that are much fashion than function – zippers and buckles can dig into you as you move, as well as tear the equipment.

6. Don’t Zone Out

Pilates is both physical and mental conditioning, so focus is a key principle.

Not only does zoning out during instructions put you at risk for injury, there are all sorts of moving parts that can be potentially dangerous if you aren’t focused.

There are other benefits to focusing – a good 45 minutes of paying attention to your own body and not thinking about your to-do list is a form of meditation. It also ensures you are doing your movements right. You know the feeling: you thought you were doing it right, but a teacher gently corrected you and oh boy, the burn! Pilates helps you improve your posture by knowing how your body should feel when it’s aligned and strong.

Whether you’re cross-training or looking for a way to generally improve your health, there’s nothing like a Pilates class to start or end your day. For a strong body and a sharp mind, book into one of our many classes at The Body Refinery today.

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