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So you’ve decided to take up Pilates! Excellent choice. You’re about to change your life.

The Body Refinery offers both individualised programs as well as Pilates classes to ensure you’ll reach your goals, change your body, and sharpen your mind – just like Pilates is supposed to do. All our programs and classes are designed by qualified physiotherapists to ensure full body conditioning that is safe, effective and fun.

There’s an option for everyone. Have a look!

Clinical Pilates 

Clinical Pilates incorporates physiotherapy practices to rehabilitate injuries or specific conditions. You’ll use a variety of equipment as well as mat work, all under the supervision and instruction of your highly-trained physio. At The Body Refinery, we offer small classes (no more than four people), duet classes with a friend or private, one-on-one sessions.

Studio Pilates 

In the industry, we use the term ‘studio Pilates’ to describe sessions that use all the apparatus, including mat, reformer, chair, cadillac, ladder barrel and the spine corrector (if you don’t know what these are, don’t worry! We’ll be there to help you every step of the way). These classes are led by experienced Pilates instructors and are the next step after your clinical rehabilitation. Again, these classes can be small, duets or privates.

pilates classes

Reformer Pilates 

These fun-filled, 45-minute classes are based entirely on the reformer machine. Structured and challenging, reformer classes are suitable for all levels. Many people start Pilates with the reformer because it’s fun – despite the burn! We limit our classes to eight people to ensure you still get plenty of one-on-one attention.

Mat Pilates 

Mat was the way Joseph Pilates originally began teaching his routine of movements. These classes involve little to no equipment while remaining heavily focused on the core. Despite being challenging, mat classes are suitable for everyone.

pilates classes

Online Pilates 

While we love our Brisbane home, our passion for educating clients about the Pilates method means we need to be as accessible as possible. The Body Refinery Online was created to solve this challenge. Our member’s portal is a one-stop-shop for all the resources and information you need at home. Do classes, find recipes and learn new tricks – all from the comfort of your home/hotel room/private beach holiday location.

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There’s nothing like a class to start or end your day. For a strong body and a sharp mind, book into one of our many options at The Body Refinery today on 07 3358 3915 or at

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