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Starting Pilates or any new form of exercise can be daunting at the best of times, you’re not sure what you should bring, how early to arrive and all the rest. So to put your mind at ease here is a list of things you should know before attending your first Pilates class.


  • Wear fitted/comfortable clothing – For an instructor, it is hard to see the body and it’s movement if you are wearing baggy or restricting clothes. It can also be a safety issue as loose clothing can get caught in the equipment. Keep in mind that your legs can also be in precarious positions so you probably don’t want everything on show! It is good to be conscious of these things when choosing the clothing you wear to a Pilates class.


  • Wear socks – Socks are a must in a Pilates class, particularly in the equipment classes. This is for hygiene purposes, even though the equipment is wiped down regularly.


  • Arrive early – It is common courtesy to arrive a few minutes early so the class is not disrupted if you arrive late. If you are new to the studio you will be asked to fill out a new client form so please arrive early enough in order to do this with plenty of time to spare!


  • Hygiene – I know it seems like a no-brainer but some people perspire more than others so if you are one of those people you might like to bring a towel with you and some deodorant. Towels are not compulsory but if you would prefer to bring one you are more than welcome.


If you have any problems in the class please let the instructor know. At The Body Refinery, we are here to give the best Pilates experience possible so if we can make it better we would love to know! Please also keep in mind that we have clients who are at all different levels so don’t be discouraged if you see other people doing difficult exercises and you are on the basics.

Pilates is a practice and it takes some time to get to those harder exercises but it is exciting knowing that you can potentially work up to those intermediate and advanced exercises in time. Pilates is never boring and always a challenge!

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