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The Total Resistance Exercise (TRX) system is a unique way of building strength, endurance and overall fitness without having to lift heavy weights or push yourself to exhaustion. The TRX itself is securely attached to an overhead position and allows you to complete a range of upper body, lower body and full body exercises at the intensity you choose, this allows the TRX to be effective in both an individual and group setting.

The TRX first began in the late 1990’s as a creation of a former Navy Seal, the legend says the original prototype consisted of nothing but a Jiu-Jitsu belt and parachute webbing, before being released in its current form for sale in the early 2000’s. It has then risen to become the most popular and widespread of any suspension based exercise system. The system itself is quite simple, two handles suspended securely from a high point allowing the individual to control the intensity of the movement by changing their position in relation to the TRX, using gravity and the user’s body weight.

The versatility of the TRX is one of its main strengths, this is due to the large range of exercises that can be completed, combined with easily being able to change the intensity through increasing or decreasing the leverage of gravity (more and less angled body position) and pace of the exercises. This versatility leads the TRX to be an effective way of reaching many different goals for many different people. From healthy adults seeking general strength and fitness to older adults seeking increased strength and ability and athletes for injury rehabilitation and prevention.

Those seeking general health, fitness and strength benefits will be happy to know that in a study completed by Smith et al. 2016. A group of participants took part in an 8-week TRX program and by the conclusion of the program, it was found that they had improved strength and endurance while also experiencing improvements in their blood pressure, body fat and other cardiovascular disease risk factors.

Though this study was completed on relatively fit adults there are still benefits to TRX based exercise for older adults. In Gaedtke, A., & Morat, T. (2015) a group of older adults aged 60 and over completed a TRX exercise program for 12 weeks, and after this program, they all reported positive effects on their strength, balance and functional ability.

Lastly, an example of TRX in use around athletic populations can be seen in this study where 30 female athletes with Functional Ankle Instability (FAI) took part in a 6-week TRX training program which caused an improvement in strength and proprioception which are both directly related to injury risk (Khorjahani, A. 2021)

Here at The Body Refinery, we utilise the TRX system as part of our services that occur in the gym space, such as Exercise Physiology, Age-ility & Better Bones and Strength & Conditioning. We also hold specific TRX group exercise classes with a maximum of 8 participants where you are guided through a workout that will leave you feeling invigorated and energised. These group classes are run under the supervision of either our trained Pilates Instructors or Exercise Physiologists. Though these classes are fitness-focused and are aimed at those who are relatively fit and healthy, your instructor can also modify the program to your needs if you are recovering from a minor injury or any other minor ache or pain.

In short TRX training whether in a group or individual setting is a great way to build strength and get a sweat up while completing a truly different form of exercise. If this interests you feel free to contact the admin team either by phone (07) 3358 3915 or email (



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