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Many people think that as a physiotherapist and Pilates instructor who owns a studio, that I must do Pilates all the time. Sadly, the truth is that while I have every intention to do so… I don’t.

I have recently started taking a client for one-on-one (or private) sessions twice a week. Prior to starting these sessions, she had been doing group classes, which she enjoyed but just felt that she wasn’t progressing as fast as she’d hoped and wasn’t completely achieving everything she wanted out of her sessions.  However, since starting one-on-one sessions, this client has experienced rapid improvements in her strength, mind-body connection and her understanding of the Pilates method… and she inspired me to focus on my own Pilates.  So, I recently booked myself in twice a week for private sessions with Kellie and Estee, and I am loving how I feel, and the results that I have achieved already.

Firstly, group pilates sessions, when taken by a qualified instructor, are undoubtedly one of the greatest ways you can increase your strength, tone your muscles, and experience full body movement.  And once you have an understanding of Pilates, group sessions are an effective way to continue improving in a social setting, where the instructor can guide you through exercises aimed at achieving your goals.


So why private sessions?  

When I decided to get back into Pilates on a regular basis, I chose to start with private sessions rather than group sessions because they allow for a more tailored experience where I have 100% of the instructor’s attention, which allows me to concentrate 100% on ensuring that I am focused on every tiny detail (and there are many) in each Pilates exercise.  Pilates is about continuous improvement, and I like to push myself to do some of the more challenging repertoire, where I will benefit from the increased level of supervision that is available in a private session. I also have a specific goal, which is to be able to do a teaser again by the time I turn 40!<


Private sessions


Having worked in the physiotherapy and Pilates industry for over 15 years, I know that everyone is motivated in different ways, and is looking for different things from their Pilates session. Some people respond very well to a group class environment – the social aspect of meeting up with the same people every week, exercising alongside people of the same ability as you, and maybe even going for coffee afterwards (I’m sure that a large part of why my mum loves Pilates). And, most importantly, group Pilates sessions are an excellent way to achieve a full-body workout. Others prefer a more personalised approach, where the client’s connection with the instructor can be the key driver for turning up and making improvements. It’s not to say that you don’t get the benefits of Pilates in a group session, it’s just that you share the instructor’s time.

In many ways a private session can require more from the client – the instructor’s focus is always on you, so it can demand a great deal of the client’s concentration and effort.  This type of session isn’t for everyone.  Some clients like to have the best of both worlds by having one private session a week, to work intensely on certain muscles or movements, then balance this out with group sessions on other days.

Just as everyone develops their Pilates ability at different rates, everyone also develops confidence in their ability at different rates.  Some people opt for a one-on-one environment to feel more supported in building their skills and their confidence before progressing into group classes. Some just do a private session every now and then, to work on certain elements so they can fine-tune their programme and get more out of their regular group session. And some choose to stick with personal tuition.

Despite regularly teaching both private and group classes myself, since returning to being instructed in Pilates, I’m reminded of how effective private sessions are in providing a thorough understanding of the Pilates method and its ability to promote flawless movement by our bodies.

If a one-on-one session is an option for you, then introducing private sessions to your routine will provide you with the biggest positive changes in the shortest amount of time.

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