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Coccydynia, or pain in the coccyx (tailbone), is commonly experienced by women after a traumatic childbirth.  Symptoms generally include (sometimes excruciating) pain around the tailbone and hip when sitting or standing, especially after certain exercises.  It can be very unwelcomed by new mothers, who are often already looking after one or more young children and sometimes returning to work.

Pilates and general physio treatments can help to relieve pain, however, they are not likely to provide a complete and lasting solution.  However, more specific treatments by a Women’s Health Physiotherapist can provide life-changing results and eliminate the symptoms.


Coccydynia treatment includes manual therapy to release the gluteal muscles and pelvic floor – externally at first and, if indicated, internally.  Treatment may also include mobilization of the sacrum and correction of muscle imbalances through stretching and muscle strengthening. Women’s Health Physiotherapists are trained to treat a range of pregnancy-related matters and to undertake internal examinations, which are sometimes required for the assessment and treatment of certain conditions.

Women suffering from the pain of coccydynia can experience dramatic pain relief after only one or two treatments with an experienced Women’s Health Physiotherapist.  We understand the pain and frustration that conditions such as coccydynia can cause and the relief that is experienced when new mums are correctly diagnosed and successfully treated.  To ensure our clients don’t have to endure a long search for a solution, The Body Refinery team includes Women’s Health Physiotherapists.

Coccydynia treatment women's health physiotherapist brisbane

If you are experiencing pain in your tailbone, hips or buttocks that isn’t improving, especially if you are a new mum, we recommend seeing our Women’s Health Physio.  Internal exams may not be the preferred course of action you are seeking, but many consider this a small inconvenience to have an accurate diagnosis and relief from the pain of coccydynia. Our Women’s Health Physio is considerate and will talk you through any courses of action they consider may be appropriate help you.

Book your appointment today by calling 07 3358 3915. Make sure to request our Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Charmion Bevan.

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