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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Unfortunately, we have all probably had someone in our close circles of friends or family who have had breast cancer.

The Body Refinery believes that exercise is medicine and have had the privilege of being part of the care team for a number of clients who have endured the treatment of breast cancer by helping them regain confidence in their movement and using exercise as part of their treatment in the studio.

Medical studies point strongly to the use of exercise during the treatment of, and recovery from, breast cancer. There is also strong evidence that exercise can prevent the recurrences of breast cancer.

Regular exercise during and following breast cancer treatment has many benefits. It can improve physical and emotional wellbeing and improve quality of life. Exercise can help manage treatment-related and cancer-related side effects such as fatigue, pain, lymphoedema and lowered bone density. It can also improve mood, sleep, body weight, muscle strength, confidence, depression and anxiety.


Pilates is a very effective form of exercise to use during treatment of, and recovery from, breast cancer as it can:

  • relieve neck, shoulder and back pain which are common complications
  • reduce the risk of lymphoedema developing
  • prevent restrictive scar formation and shoulder stiffness
  • restore normal posture after surgery
  • improve general flexibility, strength, confidence and wellbeing
  • re-educate muscles to move efficiently
  • improve or maintain muscle tone for a faster recovery
  • work towards overall conditioning and improve general wellbeing
  • increase lung capacity after an operation/anaesthetic.


On Friday 22 October we are having a PINK DAY to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. On this day we encourage all our team and our clients to wear Pink! The Body Refinery will make a donation of $2 for every client that attends any service on the day. We will also have some great competitions for those that add to the donations and for the best pink outfits.

We look forward to seeing you on the day!  Early detection of breast cancer is so important – check out the NBCF website to find out more about detection and awareness: