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For beginners, and the experienced Pilates pilgrims…let’s get back to basics!

Revising your foundation mat Pilates techniques with a Physiotherapist at The Body Refinery is a great way to change the way you think about your practice, advance your exercises on both the mat and the equipment, discover new challenging movements for your body, and reignite your Pilates passion to get more out of your sessions. The Physiotherapists at The Body Refinery can help you rediscover this and feel great again!

There’s something satisfying about getting back to basics…and back on the mat, so we thought we’d look at 5 exercises that Pilates devotees love to do daily from home:

1. The Perfect Pilates Mermaid…or Merman!

· Great for moving your spine and stretching the muscles along the side of your back
· Improves posture and movement in your shoulder and hips
· This is everyone’s go to move. If you feel like you have tight back muscles you will LOVE this! …Plus it just feels so good!
· Pro Tip: Switch it up at the end and reach in the opposite direction for a stretch on your other side

Pilates PopPilates Pop

Pilates Pop    Pilates Pop

2. Target Your Trouble Zones with Arm Arcs

· Improves shoulder mobility and back stability
· Stretches your muscles down the side of your trunk and in your shoulder
· Pro Tip: Make your shoulders feel ‘heavy’ into the mat and draw your shoulder blades down as you reach above your head



3. Toning Hack: Squeeze your Butt Bridges

· Great for moving your spine
· Improve your hamstring and gluteal strength
· Stretch the muscles at the front of your hips
· Pro Tip: Think about drawing your sit bones together, pressing down through your heels and lengthening your knees over your feet as you move up into the bridge



4. Quick Fix Quadruped

· Great for movement/control of your spine, shoulders and hips
· Improves core control and balance
· Pro Tip: Alternate lifting your arms and legs to challenge yourself!


5. Build a Better Back with Prone Press Ups

· Helps strengthen back muscles
· Opens up the front of your chest and shoulders
· Improves your posture
· Activates your core while extending your back
· Pro Tip: Take a deep breath in as you come up and breath all the way out as
you lay back down…It feels so good!


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Book in with one of our Pilates certified Physiotherapist’s at The Body Refinery, New Farm, to either start or progress your Pilates journey. Call us today to secure your spot in one of our Clinical Pilates Classes or for a Private Clinical Session with a Physiotherapist.