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It’s cold outside! Well, we mean, Brisbane-cold… Occasionally less than 20°C cold…!
Anyway, it’s chillier than usual. The sun comes up later, goes down sooner, and it’s hard to find the motivation to keep up your exercise routine when you’d rather be under the blankets. We get it.

But staying active during winter is a great way to stave off SAD (seasonal affective disorder), avoid weight gain and train for your summer events.


Here are our tips to keep yourself moving this season…


1. Keep to your schedule

Normally do a class on Tuesdays and Thursdays? Keep doing classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays! Normally go for a run on Sundays? Keep running on Sundays!
We know that it gets darker earlier, so you’ll come home to a dark, cold house after work instead of the beautiful dusk you’re used to, but try to stick to your schedule as much as you can. The worst thing you can do is make excuses for yourself – who hasn’t skipped one or two classes and then four months pass?
Treat your exercise like you would anything else on your calendar, and stick to it.


winter exercise

2. Find a winter sport you love

Normally play a round of tennis on Saturday mornings with your friends? Well, now’s the time to swap it out for something else – not get rid of it altogether. Consider things like soccer in the park, a morning hike or even skiing if you’re lucky enough to have the holiday time! Find something you enjoy doing, such as a social sport with friends, to swap out when the weather gets cold.
There’s something quite luxurious about having seasonal exercise regimes!


3. Invest in yourself

Think it’s too cold for a run? Buy yourself a running jacket. Hands get cold when you drive to class? Maybe you need some gloves.
When you have the right kit, you’ll have no more excuses. And anyway, you’ll warm up in no time.

Not only is Pilates indoors, but it’s a great way to stick to your routine through the colder months. For a strong body and a sharp mind this winter, book into one of our many classes at The Body Refinery today.

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