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Is Clinical Rehab Pilates?

At The Body Refinery, we are pleased to offer a service called Clinical Rehab. Clinical rehab is a service that blends traditional Pilates informed exercise and other strength and conditioning principles to individualise your recovery, rehab and performance.

After completing an individualised assessment, your Physiotherapist will design a tailored exercise program for you, specifically created to address your injuries, health and movement goals and any medical conditions. 


What conditions and injuries may be helped with clinical Rehab?

Clinical Rehab is a service offered to people of all ages and fitness levels, with a variety of injuries and health conditions. Such concerns as neck and back pain, postural issues, pelvic pain, women’s health issues, chronic illness as well as sporting injury management and recovery may be addressed.


Are the sessions claimable through private health?

All of our Physiotherapists have additional diploma level qualifications in Pilates training. They will utilise this background to create the most effective individualised exercise program for your needs and goals. As this service is within the accepted scope of clinical practice for the profession, the sessions may be claimable (please check with your health fund).


Will I be using Pilates equipment?

Clinical Rehab sessions involve the use of all the studio equipment. This may involve using the reformer, trapeze table, wunda chair, core align, spring resistance, free weights, exercise bands, small props and exercises on the mat. Your Physiotherapist will determine what equipment is most appropriate for your needs and goals.


How do I get started?

You will need to call us on (07) 3358 3915 to arrange a time for your Initial assessment. Your Physiotherapist may then recommend a series of individual sessions under their direct guidance until you are familiar with your program and the safe use of the equipment. Following this, you will have the option to attend a small group class, with a maximum of 4 people, where you will continue your program under the guidance of a Physiotherapist.

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