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Louise Rainbird Pilates Instructor New Farm The Body Refinery

Louise Raindbird – Pilates Instructor

Louise graduated from the University of Queensland in 2022 with a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology. She is currently extending her studies with a Master of Physiotherapy and will graduate at the end of 2024.

Being a lover of all things movement and continuing education, to supplement her university studies, Louise completed her Compressive Pilates Certification with The Body Refinery Education in 2023. Through personal experience, Louise found how beneficial Pilates can be to build strength, power, flexibility, and confidence.

Her classes are designed to improve on all of these areas through both classical and contemporary programming with a whole-body focus. Louise also firmly believes in the value of participating in the type of movement you enjoy. As a result, in addition to participating in regular Pilates classes, Louise plays social netball in her spare time.