Post-pregnancy classes

Pilates is the perfect form of exercise to help your body recover from the changes it experienced during pregnancy and childbirth.

Mum and Me are studio-style Pilates classes allowing new mums to bring bub and still get a workout, without worrying about a babysitter. These classes are taken by a women’s health physiotherapist with a maximum of 4 participants.

Babies are welcome in these sessions until they become quite mobile (~8 months).

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What you need to know

Taken by a Women’s Health Physiotherapist, these classes require an initial consultation if you are new to our Brisbane studio.

You will also need, a medical clearance documentation (at 6 weeks post birth) from an obstetrician or midwife stating that you are safe to exercise.

Mum and Me Pilates classes are all bookable online through The Body Refinery app. Download it today!

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