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At our New Farm (Brisbane) studio, our Women’s Health physiotherapists provide treatment options for:

  • Pregnancy and postpartum concerns, including:
    • Pregnancy-related pelvic pain (sacroiliac or pubic symphysis pain)
    • Postnatal thoracic pain
    • Rectus diastasis
  • Bladder and bowel concerns (incontinence, OAB/urge, constipation)
  • Pelvic organ prolapses

Our Women’s Health physiotherapists offer specific Pilates classes:

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What should you expect at a Women’s Health physiotherapy appointment?

The first appointment with any new patient is 45 minutes in length and begins by documenting a history of the patient. Our physiotherapists will then build a personalised treatment by identifying what the problem and establishing what your goals are.

Following the initial discussion, a physical examination is performed. This is different for everyone, depending on the predominant issue, though can include:

  • Posture and functional movement assessment
  • Examination of the myofascial system
  • Pelvic examination (internal and external), including:
    • Functional tone and activation of pelvic floor muscles and pelvic organ prolapse presence
    • Real-time ultrasound of abdominal muscles or pelvic contents
    • Biofeedback assessment of pelvic floor function

Throughout the examination, your physiotherapist will explain the process and discuss what your treatment should focus on, as well as what your expectations are, in order to work towards your recovery goals.

To make an appointment at our New Farm studio, call our reception staff on 07 3358 3915 or click the link below. Please, be sure to request one of our Women’s Health physiotherapists.

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