Kellie Richardson Pilates Instructor team

Kellie Richardson – Pilates Instructor

Kellie completed her Matwork certification through Polestar Pilates in 2014 and is currently completing her full Pilates Diploma qualification. Adding to this, she also has a certification in Dance and Personal Training.

Starting with Gymnastics and Classical Ballet, Kellie has always had a passion for movement and it was actually her mum that introduced her to the world of Pilates, at 10 years of age. Pilates was then recommended to help with her slight scoliosis and to further her Ballet career but soon became a morning ritual, while dancing overseas. After injuring her knee during an audition, Kellie returned to Australia for surgery and to then hopefully dance again once recovered. While rehabilitating her knee through Pilates, she became inspired to help others feel their best and decided to book herself into the Matwork course for the following year.

She is extremely passionate about Pilates and the amazing benefits it has, not only physically, but also how movement can change how you feel mentally. Kellie would love to see you in one of her classes so get ready to move and to walk away feeling great!